Heidelberg and Mannheim Transformation

Facility Updates

Due to transformation, facilities are closing or adjusting their service hours. Please check the all-new service directory by clicking
here for the most current information, updated weekly. See something that should be changed? Email us at usarmy.kaiserslautern.imcom-europe.mbx.usag-k-public-affairs@mail.mil.


Civilian Personnel Advisory Center phone numbers:
for appropriated fund positions – DSN 370-8450, civ. 06221-17-8450
for non-appropriated fund positions – DSN 370-8572, civ. 06221-17-8572
for local national positions – DSN 483-5859/5875/5874, civ. 0631-411-5859/5875/5874

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E-mail usarmy.kaiserslautern.imcom-europe.mbx.usag-k-public-affairs@mail.mil. We'll find the answer for you and share it on the garrison's Facebook page.

Now that the Heidelberg Medical Activity has deactivated, what will my family and I do for health care? Will the health center be closing sooner now?

The deactivation will not affect future health care services or appointment availability for beneficiaries. The clinic has transitioned under Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for command and control functions previously provided by HMEDAC. The clinic is projected to close in June 2013. Community members are also encouraged to become familiar with host nation health care resources by reviewing the "Guide to using host nation health care." A copy of the guide is available at the Heidelberg Health Center website.