Directorate of Public Works (DPW)

Mechanical Branch, Operations & Maintenance Division


Recycling Energy UEMCS Electrical
Mechanical Drinking Water/Sanitation Building & Structure Road & Grounds
Pest Control FES & Domestic Appliances Power Procurement Custodial Section

The mechanical branch ensures the availability of heat, warm and cold water and drainage within the Heidelberg Military Community buildings. It is also responsible for the controls which regulate these systems.Vehicle fueling stations with their under and over ground tanks as well as their safety devices are maintained by the Mechanical Section.

Here is a list of just a few of the things that we take care of:

°Over 32,000 radiators

°More than 2,400,00 line feet of heating lines at least 1.600,000 line feet of water lines

°Approximately ore than 235,000 line feet of exterior heating distribution lines

To carry out all the work that is required within the 60 km radius that the Heidelberg DPW is responsible for we are supported by several contract firms.