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Lead is a highly toxic metal that produces a range of adverse health effects, particularly in young children. There are many ways in which humans are exposed to lead: through deteriorating paint and dust, air, drinking water, food, and contaminated soil. Airborne lead enters the body when you breathe or swallow lead particles or dust. Lead can be found on walls, woodwork, and the outside of your home in the form of lead-based paint. Additionally, lead particles can be deposited on floors, windowsills, eating and playing surfaces, or in the dirt outside the home.
The garrison has addressed the LBP issues in military housing and the buildings located within its boundaries, however, housing units located in the economy, built before 1940, may contain lead-based paint. 

LBP Management Plan

The Lead-Based Paint (LBP) management program of US Army Garrison Baden-Württemberg has developed a comprehensive Management Plan.  The plan outlines the results of surveys for lead-based paint within the Garrison. A risk assessment has been conducted to prioritize LBP hazards. The management plan institutes a program to monitor lead-based paint, to abate lead-based paint when necessary and to provide lead hazard information to personnel and residents.  The plan is designed to define the scope of the LBP management issues on the Garrison level.

LBP Inventory

Managing lead-based paint within the Garrison's footprint requires identifying locations that have LBP. All AFH buildings are resurveyed for sources of lead. Besides LBP in housing areas, comprehensive lead surveys are also executed for non-Housing buildings.  Family housing, child development centers, schools, playgrounds, and medical facilities have been tested and assessed for LBP within the garrison. 

LBP Awareness Training – EPA Booklet

For more information and answers to frequently asked questions you can review the EPA’s information LBP Information Booklet or contact the Lead Based Paint Manager of the USAG Baden-Württemberg.