Moving Checklist

For You and Your Family

Receipt of Orders

Contact sponsor, personal property, see your local Army Community Service/Family Assistance Center for information on your next Duty Station, (request your SITES information booklet), and contact the Housing Office for clearing instructions.

30 Days Before

- Give 30 days' notice to your landlord if you live off base. Provide him or her with a written notice and keep a copy for yourself.
- Eliminate everything you won't need.
- Prepare an inventory of goods.
- Notify post office of new address and fill out change of address cards. *Gather medical and dental records.
- Check and clear tax assessments.
- Notify insurance company of move before goods are packed. *Check out auto licensing requirements.
- Notify schools and have transcripts forwarded.
- Close local charge accounts.
- Arrange pet shipment and be sure immunization record is up to date. Shot and vaccinations must be over 30 days old for most foreign assignments. See here for the most recent memo on pet travel with Ramstein's Patriot Express, and click here for the most recent memo on a new per-pet fee for each animal that arrives at Ramstein Air Base or Frankfurt International Airport.
- Make travel plans. Download Ramstein's Patriot Express brochure here.
- Make hotel reservations, and reconfirm later.
- Check freezer, and plan to use up food over the next two-three weeks.
- Decide what items to give to charity. Get a signed receipt to use for your tax return if you itemize on your taxes.

Two Weeks Before

- Collect clothing items to clean and repair.
- Return items borrowed, collect items loaned out.
- Arrange to have utilities disconnected. Arrange to have utilities connected at new duty assignment.
- Have your car tuned up for the trip, or cleaned (inside and out) if you are going overseas. Check oil, water, battery and tires.

One Week Before

- Dispose of all flammables.
- Pack suitcases.
- Plan travel games, activities, for all family members.
- Make up a "Do Not Move" carton for articles to be taken in the car.
- Withdraw the contents of your safe deposit box.
- Cancel newspaper, maid service, etc.

Day Before Moving

- Empty refrigerator and defrost freezer. Let stand with door belted open for 24 hours. Give all foods left over away to neighbors and friends.

Moving Day

- Have phone numbers of the packers and Personal Property Office handy.
- Have a sitter, or send the kids to a friend's house for the day.
- Be there yourself, or have a friend there to answer questions from the movers.
- Accompany the van operator during the inventory of things to be moved. Be sure you have pictures of all high priced items, with receipts, and social security numbers that are on the TV, Stereo, CD players, etc.
- Sign and save copies of all moving documents. Be sure delivery address is correct.
- Load broom in the car last, and have it in your new home first. Fast cleanups in both places really help.
- Before leaving your home for the last time, do a walk-through and check each room and closet. Make sure windows are locked and lights are out.

Private insurance for household goods

Despite the government's best efforts, damage may occur when household goods are moved. Personnel serving in Europe can protect themselves from potential loss by purchasing private, full-replacement insurance coverage for upcoming household moves.

While the government reimburses for claims filed based on actual value or depreciated replacement cost for property at the time of loss, full-coverage insurance offers full payments for what it would cost to replace items with new ones at today's prices.

Private insurance programs may offer several other desirable features:

- Individuals may elect to insure the entire shipment or selected high-value items.
Shipments may be automatically insured for up to 90 days in storage at origin and/or destination at no extra charge.
- If goods require storage for longer than 90 days, they may still be covered for a nominal increase in price.
- Rates for this type of private coverage vary. Shop around for the best terms and prices.

For more information, contact your local transportation office.

For Your Pets

Veterinary services are available in Heidelberg and can advise you before your move.  The current pet policy is posted here.


Check to make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date. Rabies vaccinations are required and should be less than one year old, but more than 30 days old, at the time of your PCS.

Sick Calls and Fecal Samples

You must call and schedule an appointment, and bring in a fecal sample for testing, in order to obtain a Health Certificate. Please do so, well in advance of PCS date, so that any health problems may be cleared up before flight date, and you will have no problems in getting your pets' Health Certificate.

Health Certificates

When a confirmed PCS date is established, call the PHV Veterinary Clinic at least two weeks before your PCS date. The Health Certificates are good for only 10 days. Local German Veterinarians are also able to perform health certificates exams and issue Health Certificate exams and issue Health Certificates.


Tranquilizers are not routinely recommended for dogs or cats, unless the animal has problems with motion sickness, or gets frantic when caged that it is likely to injure itself. Most animals that travel well in a car will also travel well in a plane. Further questions, contact your vet.


Your pet must be without food for a minimum of eight hours, and water for a minimum of 3 hours, before shipping. Have water available for the animal upon arrival, at the point of destination.

Kennel and Shipping Information

Pets are no longer allowed to be shipped "unaccompanied," as cargo. You must be on the flight with your pet, or have someone else flying on the same flight, which will be responsible for your pet. If you have no one who can fly with your pet, you can use a special Pet Shipping Company.

An updated pet travel memo is available here regarding the availability of pet travel on Ramstein's Patriot Express.

Be sure your pet does not arrive on an American federal holiday, since no customs agents will be available.

Contact Information

PHV Veterinary Clinic

DSN 388-9469
Civ. (06221) 338-9469

Janik Kennel and Pet-Shipping Services

Frankfurt International Airport, Bldg. 456 B, Frachtzentrum, TOR 26.

Pet Air Worldwide Pet Shipping Frankfurt International Airport Cargo Center

Bldg. 458 E, Room 5113
Civ. 069-690-71915/71916.

The Cat Kennel

Schillerstrasse 58, Wiesenbach/Neckargemünd
Civ. 06223-47636


Heidelberg Shopping Center, Building 3850, Room 248
DSN 370-6949
Civ. 06221-14670


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