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The TMP office located on Patton Barracks will be closed on Sept. 14 from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. due to U.S. Army Garrison Baden-Württemberg Town Hall meeting. All local nation employees will be attending the USAG B-W Town Hall meeting on PHV scheduled on this day. All units within USAG B-W community are encouraged to dispatch their vehicles prior to Sept 14.

TMP Vehicle Request Form
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NTV Restrictions
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TMP Standard Operating Procedure
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In Case of Accident SOP
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License request required for non-tactical vehicles
In order to obtain a Non-Tactical Vehicle Driver’s License (OF 346),  the Drivers Testing Station Heidelberg requires a Non Tactical Vehicle Driver’s License Request and the completion of Drivers Interview Checklist.
Requests are available at the Drivers Testing Station or can be downloaded here.

The AAFES/ESSO fuel card for government vehicles

Like the POV card, customers may only use it at ESSO stations.The government vehicle fuel card differs from the POV card in that the government vehicle card does not have liter or monetary limits.

The fuel card will be issued directly from AAFES after the MVR has sent registration information. If IFMS cannot identify a tag within our system, we will not pick up the fuel card. Again, this makes it imperative that units notify the FMC if they attach a substitute tag.

IFMS will be responsible for encoding the PIN on each card.

The cards will be imprinted with the vehicle tag number and must not be moved between vehicles.

The cards must be safeguarded against theft.

Once diesel is available at the TMP, the fuel card will only be issued when the vehicle is being operated where Diesel fuel is not offered on a nearby military installation. Upon return to the Baden-Wuerttemberg TMP, the Fuel Card must be returned to the TMP Dispatch Office.

If a card should become lost or stole, the user must contact AAFES immediately 24/7. The phone number is on the card; users should write it down when they receive the card. Users must also call their servicing FSR during normal business hours to report the loss. IFMS will obtain a replacement card from AAFES.

When a vehicle is returned to IFMS control, the fuel card must be returned too.

Contact Information:
DSN 373-1800/6410/6272

Executive Order banning text messaging - The White House recently issued an executive order banning federal employees from text messaging while driving on government business. Click here to read the full order.

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